How To Create Killer Sales Videos That Ramp Up Sales – The 3 E Formula

Ever since Ryan Deiss launched Video Sales Letter Formula, and demonstrated the of sales videos, they have been used more and more by internet marketers.

In this article I want to reveal the thing that is sure to

But before that i want to list the 3 caracteristiques of a highly converting VSL. I call them the “3 E” and if you use them in your video, they are guaranteed to ramp up your sales!

You see, a sales video must be:

  • engaging (there’s a fine line between an entertaining and engaging one)
  • entertaining
  • educating (in your videos you must give them a valuable piece of information and not pitch your product or service without interruption)

What’s the surefire way to create a low converting sales video?

Create a boring video!

I’m saying this after i’ve created over 50 sales videos in the last 6 months, so you can say i have quite a bit of experience creating this kind of videos.

The bottom line is that:

-You can have an interesting video that will be watched if it isn’t engaging.

-You can even have an interesting video that will be watched if it isn’t educating the viewer.

But if you’re not entertaining them in some way then the people watching the video will have low attention spans and they want watch it til it’s end.

Now, by entertaining, I don’t necessarily mean the usual kind of entertaining, like a clown or like a funny voice… In a video, you can entertain people by presenting the information in a new way, maybe animated graphics or maybe a background music track.

If you need sales video, don’t hesitate to leave a reply and tell me about your project. I am sure I can help you!

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