5 Tips To Construct A Video That Converts Like Crazy

For the last 6 months i’ve created many sales videos for all kinds of products and my clients can say that i am pretty good at building them. I knew i had the video creation skills because i’ve been doing video creation for over 3 years, maybe 4, but this “new” area for me improved my skills even further.

I’m going to stop the self-promoting and tell you some tips to use if you are looking to build a video sales letter that will convert more than the average one:

1. Pattern Interrupt!

You might know this from Frank Kern, but a pattern interrupt can hit the viewer in the head with a hammer and make him give you his attention for the next 10-20 minutes.

2. Attention is everything… But interest is better!

I am going to tell you what i mean by that, but first let’s think about 2 different situations that will make us image how this concept applies in our own lives:

1.Let’s say you swap channels on your TV and at one moment you see a donkey singing on stage. Would you stop to see what’s everything about? You bet! But once you see that it’s actually a guy, dressed in a real looking donkey suit then you just move on with your channel surfing activity.

2.Now let’s say you’re a BMW fan and you swap channels, just like in the first situation, but this time you see the soon to be released BMW model being tested on a circuit. Would you stop to see the show? You bet! The difference now would be that it doesn’t matter how long it will take… you will most likely keep on watching that show until it ends!

That’s the difference between attention and interest!

Squeeze every bit of attention from your viewers, but make sure you have the right audience, an audience that’s genuinely interested in what you are selling and your conversions will increase tenfold.

3. Make promises and deliver them right inside the video!

You know trust is the main currency of the internet! If your visitors don’t trust your website and you, then they won’t buy. End of story. That’s why If you want to build trust you have to make small promises and keep them inside your 5-10 minutes video.

4. Results in advance!

This and the 3d point are somehow related but this one, which also comes from a top internet marketer, is aimed at bigger funnels, where you have the time to show and educate your visitors.

5. Sell what they want in the video, give what they need in the product!

I’ll let you think about this one… Just comment below with what you think about it!

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