Why Animation Videos Are So Popular?

Sure, cartoon animations have been produced for a long time in many different ways, but ever since Pixar, the animation mogul started by Steve Jobs, has released Toy Story back in 1995, movies like that started to be and more common, especially in the last few years, when computing power has increased and the resources needed to create an animation has lowered so much that even someone like you can create an average one, with some time, skills and a very good computer.

As you’ve probably noticed, in the last couple of years, the usage have exploded and that’s why I want to go into the reasons why such videos are so popular and why these kinds of videos have carved new niches, depending on the way someone wants to use one:

  •  explainer videos
  •  sales videos
  •  cartoons
  •  promotional videos
  •  research videos, where you use animation to explain a concept

It doesn’t matter if you have a software that you want to sell more of, or if you want to present your business in an out of the box way, animation is the way to go.

And here are the 3 common major reasons why we are using them so much:

1. Captures The Kid In Us

Every new born child is presented to the world of cartoons and over their childhood they spend so much time watching animated videos, making it a habit which he will drop when he gets older.

Fast forward a couple years, when he’s 30 years old, running a management department, and lands on a page with a promotional animation, he’s desire to watch it til the end is very strong, which makes it easier for the creator of the video to capture his attention.

2. Cost And Freedom In Creativity

For example, if in real videos, in order to blow a car, you need to spend $100,000 and also have the risk of hurting someone, you can do that with less than $1000, in an animated video, without any risk to anyone.

3. Reality Substition

This one might be harder to understand but the short explanation is that it’s easier for you to imagine yourself in the shoes of a digital character than a normal, real person. (take games for example, where in 1 game, you can be Mario and save the princess, and in another you can be Max Payne, solving misteries and shooting bad guys).

That’s why there are many promo videos which start with “Meet Bob, he’s a business owner/teacher/single mother”… because the goal there is to make it easy for you to put in Bob’s shoes… and kinda “live the scenario”.

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