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  • Why Animation Videos Are So Popular?

    Sure, cartoon animations have been produced for a long time in many different ways, but ever since Pixar, the animation mogul started by Steve Jobs, has released Toy Story back in 1995, movies like that started to be and more common, especially in the last few years, when computing power has increased and the resources needed […]

  • Explainer Videos & Youtube = Awesome Promotion

    Let’s say you have a business and you want to promote it through an explainer video. Although I expect this to change in the future, the best place you can put the video, besides your website, is Youtube! Why, you ask? Here are 3 reasons: 1. You will get organic views from people searching for […]

  • Why Businesses Need Affordable Explainer Videos?

    Nowadays, a high quality textual content is not enough to appease your web visitors and businesses require audio visual content in order to set itself apart from its competitors. But why use an explainer video? Here are the main reasons why explainers are important for your business: Increase your conversion rates According to a study […]